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Why Neighbor?

Has anyone downloaded that new social media app called Ring? Yes, of course, I know it is part of a home protection system. And yes, the capabilities and features of Ring are fantastic. It’s the “Neighbors” button on the app that I think people confuse with the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

Just because your camera picked up a coyote or a fox, doesn’t mean you need to disseminate this information. If everyone posted these types of animal sightings, it would turn into a scrolling animal channel. Just assume coyotes are everywhere to keep your small pets safe.

Don’t get me started on the videos where the homeowner “forgot” to lock their vehicle. The bandit just happened to show up on the one night you left it unlocked?

And let’s talk about that loud noise. Did you hear that? Yes, it sounded like fireworks to me. And the always helpful response from those that want to be a part of the conversation, “No, I didn’t hear anything”.

I think the quarantine of Covid-19 has us reaching out to make a connection regardless of the platform. Sorry, Blink, I like your capabilities and features too but I can’t join another Neighborhood right now, maybe after the pandemic has passed.

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