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Why do you gamble?

Most people wouldn’t even gamble on going to an unknown restaurant without first looking at the reviews and menu.  You wouldn’t gamble on a doctor or dentist without some research.

As an entertaining activity for an evening with disposable income, participating in games of chance could fit the bill.  Seeing it as a possible winning lottery ticket is when you turn the corner into an augmented reality.

The feeling of winning is akin to other addictive sensations such as drugs and alcohol.  This is a sign, as there are toll free numbers to call when those get out of control.  You are essentially paying the casino for the opportunity, for them to take your money.

Depending on how often you do it, it’s like getting robbed just as often.  It’s usually money you can’t afford to lose but yet you think you can double it somehow.

The saying, “The house always wins”, is a saying for a reason.  If they didn’t, there would be no money to pay for the building, equipment, and all the people working there.

I think there are probably a few better places to donate your money, start with your savings and investment accounts.  But they are so friendly and happy to see me when I’m there you say.  Yes, you are paying them to be this way.

Let the millionaires who can afford to gamble, do so.  Oh wait, most of them do not or else they own the casino.

So, why do you gamble.  If you have an urge to give money away, there are many charities where it can be put to good use.

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