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Why did you comment on that?

I’m always fascinated by people’s propensity to comment online about what they just read.  I’m almost beginning to think, if commenting wasn’t available, some people might explode without an outlet for their opinion.

I’m not saying all commenting is bad.  These are very helpful when they are evaluating a product purchased, service rendered, or a book read.

Naturally, people are going to have their own opinion on news or articles they have read online.  I guess I wonder who all is reading the comments made.  Sometimes the comments end up being longer than the article itself.

I just saw an example of this on the Ring app in the Neighbors feed, 96 comments about a Winter Storm Warning.  I’m sure there are a few helpful tips in there somewhere but who has the time or inclination to scroll through it all.

Possibly, it is a form of therapy for the commentor.  But if no one reads your comment it is like an unsent letter or the equivalent of wandering around your house muttering to yourself and/or shaking your fists at the heavens with outrage.

I’m not even going to comment on how people are asking questions about things on platforms that cannot help them.  It’s like they see a new comment feed and think I’ll see if anyone knows a good plumber or is there someone that can shovel my driveway.  Maybe they think that comment box resembles the Google search box so they just plug in their query.

Then there are those replying to questions when they clearly don’t have the answer.  Why would you do that?  On the Home Depot site, someone asks the specific size of a pipe or fitting and they answer, “If I had to guess…” or “I didn’t measure it but I think…”.  I understand people want to be helpful but isn’t this the opposite of that.

Maybe all this stems from loneliness.  People want to connect regardless of the platform, content, or subject matter.  I think this is why we have Facebook where you can comment on everything and acquire as many friends as you want or need.

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