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When did we become an uncivilized society?

We see it in the news, politics, schools, internet, basically everywhere.  People walking around with no filters, unedited, raw feelings with no remorse or consequences of actions, words, or deeds.

Years ago, probably before the internet, this behavior existed but most people adhered to the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Maybe this behavior is like germs, where you are exposed to it a little at a time and build up an immunity.  So, at some point this behavior is normalized and doesn’t faze you as much.  This is the exact same thing that happens to criminals and how their life of crime is normalized.

To fix this, it will take all the villages and the people in them to change this behavior.  Parents and teachers can only do so much as kids model the behavior, they see around them which is in the news, politics, schools, internet, everywhere.

All people of all ages need to be aware of their impact.  Just like the human body where everything is connected, what someone does somewhere in our country can impact someone somewhere else.

I’m not saying we can’t have differences of opinion or that we have to suppress all our feelings.  We just need to learn how to respond and express ourselves in a more respectful manner so a civilized behavior becomes the norm again.

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