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What is common courtesy?

Is it still common?  The person who doesn’t hold the door for you and lets it slam in your face.  Or you hold the door for a person and they walk in without a thank you but with a sense of entitlement.

Maybe it’s not their fault.  Maybe they were not raised in an environment which exposed them to certain forms of etiquette and how to engage with society.  Maybe they don’t see the value (or the reason why) in following certain courtesies.

What might be helpful here is Matthew 7:12, “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.”  It’s not, do unto others as others have done to you wrongly over your lifetime.  Social media may not be the best example in how to conduct yourself.

Using words such as “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me” go a long way in keeping a polite and kind world turning in the right direction.  Pulling out the “sorry” card when you bumped into someone or created an inconvenient situation for them, can prevent a verbal exchange only a seasoned sailor could appreciate.

If someone asks you a question…respond, whether that is text, email, or phone call.  I’ve read that some people ghost (i.e. not respond) because it would be too uncomfortable to respond.  These people may want to rethink this approach as doing so will help them when life is really uncomfortable.

If you have an appointment…show up (on time).  Telling someone an hour after the appointed time you couldn’t make it or you were a complete no show is not kind nor respectful of their time.  With technology, there is no excuse for not taking 10 seconds to let the other person know what is going on.

Modeling good behavior will leave a positive impression and good feelings with people.  They would be more inclined to mirror similar behavior because of these good feelings.

Be a person that people are happy to see rather than happier when you leave.

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