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Just a thought…

Pre Pandemic Coughing
Pandemic Coughing
Post Pandemic Coughing
Underage Drinking – Never be in a hurry to make bad decisions. There will be plenty of time and opportunities after you turn 21. 🙂
People shop at Trader Joe’s as if it was a museum, looking at products, mentally deciding if the item would bring them joy or not, myself included. 🙂
Based on a movie I saw; it appears the fastest way to rekindle a marriage headed for divorce is a good old-fashioned kidnapping (i.e. husband searches for his kidnapped wife). 🙂
Maybe some people need to be rewarded with a treat to do the right thing (e.g. put the grocery cart back, obey traffic signs/signals) because unfortunately there are no like buttons in the real world. 🙂
Have you noticed some speakers with subject matter knowledge and experience overuse “You know”; like no, that is why you are the expert with the microphone. 🙂
With all relationships there is compromise, I just didn’t know that was always going to be my part. 🙂
Actual question by cashier in liquor store: Do you want a bag (3 bottles of wine)?  No, I’m just going to carry them to the wine rack in my truck. 🙂