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Peace be with you?

I think this is something we are all looking for at the end of the day.  Although, you may need to find it at the beginning of your day using mindfulness.  Meditation is part of this exercise but there is more to it than deep breathing (with wandering thoughts) for five minutes.

This involves living in the moment and experiencing your environment through your five senses.  Normally, the meditation involves some type of imagery or focused breathing.  This may help you destress before your morning commute and/or meeting.

If something feels amiss in your life or even if it doesn’t, getting your SEEDS (i.e. Socialize, Exercise, Education, Diet, Sleep) daily will help with your operating system.  Neglecting this may lead to a system failure requiring help outside the scope of this article.

The phrase, “Peace be with you” is found in the Bible (John 20:21) and also used in the Catholic Mass as part of the sign of peace where you would then extend a greeting to your neighbor usually in the form of a handshake.

I believe this phrase would be helpful in everyday life.  It could become as popular as “Hello” and “Good Morning”.

Say a conversation has escalated that you may or may not have instigated, to de-escalate you say the magic words, “Peace be with you” and exit stage right.  Or possibly a conversation where you have lost interest, “Peace be with you” which is hard to argue with. 

The “discussion” with your spouse that you were ready to put in the win column suddenly turned in a different direction, I would suggest, “Peace be with you?!”

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