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Did I get the job?

Applying for a job and online dating are almost identical in function and emotion.  As a candidate, you spend a lot of time searching for the perfect job (match) that meets all your requirements. You… Read More »Did I get the job?

Are you addicted?

If you clicked, the headlines (or whatever else is bright and shiny) are working as designed which is how the money keeps flowing.  It is so normal now; most people don’t realize the minutes and… Read More »Are you addicted?

How much do I tip?

I think everyone wants to do the right thing and tip appropriately for service rendered.  This is obvious at a restaurant where there is a server serving you and their wages are dependent on tips.… Read More »How much do I tip?

Hi, is this available?

Probably the most asked question on Facebook Marketplace.  Why would that even be set as the default question to pose to the seller? It’s like walking into a store and asking them if they are… Read More »Hi, is this available?

Is it real?

The new bar/barstool is social media, just pick your poison (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  The obvious difference is in the size of the audience which brings along a proportionately larger cast of characters. In a… Read More »Is it real?

Did the right woman win?

Transgender men and women are a very controversial topic that has many points of view which I cannot begin to unpack in a single article.  However, transgender women competing in sports seems like a straightforward… Read More »Did the right woman win?

“Coming Out”?

I remember when “coming out” was a big deal and we all knew what it meant (i.e. Johnny now likes boys, Jane is into girls).  Today it happens with great frequency but “coming out” as… Read More »“Coming Out”?