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Did you like it?

It seems like everyone is obsessed with the like button both giving and receiving likes.  How did we cope before “likes”, drugs and alcohol? Maybe the “everyone gets a trophy generation” needed something in their… Read More »Did you like it?

Got Fulfillment?

I’m not talking about your recent Amazon order.  Fulfillment is a powerful word that extends way beyond its literal definition. I think it is something we all want and deserve.  However, life pulls us in… Read More »Got Fulfillment?

Why did you comment on that?

I’m always fascinated by people’s propensity to comment online about what they just read.  I’m almost beginning to think, if commenting wasn’t available, some people might explode without an outlet for their opinion. I’m not… Read More »Why did you comment on that?

Are you a dog lover?

Almost nothing can match the unconditional love that a dog provides.  They cheer you up after a hard day just by being present. They provide a regular exercise program by having to walk them multiple… Read More »Are you a dog lover?

Did you see the sign?

I know there are a lot of them at times.  Some are purely informational while others are directives (e.g. rules of the road). That grocery checkout lane clearly states 15 items or fewer.  Maybe you’re… Read More »Did you see the sign?