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Is the author AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

This is a relatively new question teachers are asking when grading their students’ papers.  There are tools that can detect AI as there are checkers for plagiarism.

What if a certain percentage of AI was used or an outline was generated using AI.  Is ChatGPT the new steroid for students.

A woman just admitted to using AI in her novel which won a literary prize.  She indicated 5% was copy/paste from ChatGPT.  Granted this is not plagiarism but it’s not exactly her own work.  Should this 5% be in quotes to give credit to AI or should ChatGPT be listed on the cover as co-author.

Will now the number of authors multiply, devaluing real words by real people.  Creativity and content are accessible to anyone with ChatGPT.  Anyone can write a book in record time and pass it off as their own, awaiting a payday.  AI is the ghostwriter.

I believe there are pros and cons to all technologies.  I think the automation aspect of AI for routine tasks and level 1 support can benefit both people and companies.

The content side will be trickier to navigate.  There have been boiler plate websites around for a long time.  AI will aid with this content and everything surrounding it (e.g. blog posts, marketing).

Is AI the new employee that will go unnamed, unrecognized, and tirelessly work 24/7 without pay and no days off.

Everyone is an artist with DALL-E 3, no creative ability required or photography skills needed.  The day of the starving artist is over with the ability to crank out pieces using AI in a matter of minutes.

We are now all authors and artists.  Get yourself on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or whatever the latest platform is to display “your works” and make them available for purchase.

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