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Is it time for a tattoo?

Or possibly another one?  If there is something you feel strongly about and want to make it a part of you, a tattoo may be the way to go.

Maybe it is a word, image, or some combination thereof.  You are making a bold statement and now have an automatic icebreaker if it is visible, or a secret for later discussion and/or reveal.

Iā€™m sure you have thought about the elevator pitch you will use in describing what led you to your decision.  You also probably identified any pitfalls in your choice of ink prior to going under the needle.

Obviously, it is your body, your choice.  This adds to your uniqueness but you were already so, prior to this. Unless you are an identical twin and want to create some differentiator (i.e. you’re the twin with the tattoo).  But I think better stories are to be had when people can’t tell the difference.

Location of the tattoo is also a big decision.  Depending on the size and location, could inhibit future income potential depending on your field of endeavor.  If you are a successful artist, please disregard my previous sentence.

I have noticed, similar to plastic surgery, one tattoo begets another.  The ink is barely dry and you are already thinking about the next one.

Just like painting the maintenance free exterior of a brick house, you have now introduced a maintenance step for your body/art.  There is a cream that is needed to maintain the tattoo and your skin.

I have seen tattoos covering portions of the body that look like art and some that look like a graffiti wall.  As they say, “art is in the eye of the beholder” and “to each their own”.

Hopefully, your ink will not be discovered the morning after where then your backstory becomes some combination of peer pressure and alcohol to explain your flash tattoo.

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