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Is it real?

The new bar/barstool is social media, just pick your poison (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  The obvious difference is in the size of the audience which brings along a proportionately larger cast of characters.

In a bar when someone befriends you, you can size them up, their demeanor, facial expressions, etc.  Online when someone “friends” you, I would think their motive is always suspect.  I’m not saying you can’t forge real friendships around common interests, goals, and causes.  In fact, during the pandemic, this probably helped a lot of people.

I guess what I’m saying is, are you spending more time online than in the real world with real people?  We all kill time now and then.  But at the end of time, you want to look back and be happy in how you spent it, on things that were real and worthwhile.

This article is in no way promoting the consumption of alcohol or social media.

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