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Is everyone doing it?

Why is everyone doing it?  Is it because everyone else is doing it?  Is it now okay to do it?

Maybe they see it happen firsthand and that person got away with it.  They see people on the internet do it with no consequences for their behavior.

Is this the new yardstick that is used to measure right and wrong.  If enough people do it, it can’t be wrong.

Unfortunately, there are consequences but you may not always see those as they usually involve an accident, court, jail, and/or worse.

It’s true, police cannot be everywhere all the time.  That’s not a free pass, to do whatever you can get away with.  Sometimes you have to police yourself.

I’m not sure where these unlawful urges come from.  Maybe you tell yourself these little lies:  I’m just going to do this one time.  I just saw this other person do it.  This is not hurting anyone.  I’m in a hurry, I can’t be late.  My time is more valuable than theirs.

Then I wonder, who are the rules for if they are not for everyone.  They are just for the ones that choose to follow them.  Rules can be viewed as a means to suppress certain actions or a code of conduct to prevent accidents and/or loss of life.

You’re just one person, doing a series of right or wrong things, what does it matter.  It matters because one person’s actions impact others and actions have consequences.  Let’s prevent Mad Max the movie from becoming a documentary and do the right thing.

If you run a red light, you are betting more than you can afford to lose (PDF).

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