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How much do I tip?

I think everyone wants to do the right thing and tip appropriately for service rendered.  This is obvious at a restaurant where there is a server serving you and their wages are dependent on tips.

Things get a little fuzzy in other environments.  If I’m ordering a few big cookies on a tablet kiosk while workers behind the counter look on; I’m tipping them to hand me a box of cookies at some point?  Based on this logic, I should be tipping on every Amazon order I make.

I understand that most people now pay with a credit card so the point-of-sale system would need a tipping feature available.  Unfortunately, declining the tip in this situation is a form of shaming that the customer didn’t experience back in the day when many people used cash and there was a tip jar on the counter.

In some situations, tipping is optional but now that there is an actual screen that needs to be filled out to complete the transaction, everyone now feels a tip is required.  I think this is where all the TikTokers are trying to get their videos to go viral.

I think we need to better understand what services are worthy of a tip.  If a barista has to take 9 different ingredients, measured to exacting proportions, and blend it just right, this would be worthy of a tip and a nice thing to do, however still optional.  There would probably be no tip for handing me a black cup of coffee.

Again, restaurants and situations where a service is being provided (e.g. hair stylist, food delivery) tipping is expected.  Everywhere else where it is technically optional, customers should not be shamed for not tipping as there is a good chance they may not return and tell a few people and/or the internet in the process.

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