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Got Fulfillment?

I’m not talking about your recent Amazon order.  Fulfillment is a powerful word that extends way beyond its literal definition.

I think it is something we all want and deserve.  However, life pulls us in many directions and we end up closer to frustrated and financially focused.

Most people start out in the workforce with certain ideals.  The reality is usually a highly modified version of this image, but it’s a starting point.

Success is popular as it implies achieving a dollar amount that makes our financial problems go away.  There is also a certain stature that gives you the sensation you finally made it.  Swagger is optional.

If you have a sense of purpose, you are well on your way.  It is easier to navigate opportunities with this North Star.

Are you passionate about the work or just about getting it done.  Mark Twain says, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

In this new world of work (i.e. in office, work from home, hybrid), where people are located could impact your experience, especially if you are new to the workforce.  As a suggestion, work from home workers may want to start scheduling therapy sessions as time slots are filling up fast.

Fulfillment is probably not uttered in job interviews or part of a yearly employee review process.  I recommend finding fulfillment should be part of your life goals.

You don’t want to wait until retirement and realize work didn’t have to be a four-letter word.

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