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Does Alexa have your answer?

It appears Alexa may be the greatest thing since the Internet or computer.  She can provide an answer to any random query that comes into your mind.

This can be a good learning tool.  Helpful, if you need a quick answer.  It can play your favorite music and even control other devices in your house.

However, Alexa is probably not the best resource for your quandary:  What should I do now?  How do I respond?  When is the right time?  Should I proceed?

Before Alexa, there was God.  Just like Alexa, He is always listening.  God is waiting for you and wants to help with issues and concerns and discerning the right path.

You can have a conversation with Him anywhere at any time, no internet connection required.  Your conversation is private without any recording taking place.  However, with Alexa you don’t know what is being done with your words and information that is collected.

I think sometimes we talk too much to Alexa and not enough to God.  Maybe because the answers from Alexa are more audible and instant.  With God, the conversation is deeper and the questions are more complex.  Therefore, the answers require more time and listening.

You can keep asking Alexa for the easy stuff, but you have to go to God for the hard stuff.

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