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Do you know where you are going?

Most of the time you do because you plugged the address into your Map app.  Back in the day, you not only had to know where you are going but also where you currently are on a paper map.

In some respects, I think a paper map was better as it forced you to learn different areas and streets.  Based on your current location and the destination, you had to determine the best path for your route.

Today with technology, you just mindlessly follow the fastest path it has designated for you.  I think many people apply this same approach to other aspects of their life.

You hear a lot about setting goals and they should be SMART goals.  Most people have probably cobbled a list or two together usually at the start of a new year and promptly filed it in the To-Do folder.

I think the part that is missing is understanding where you currently are so you can effectively map out your route.  Possibly AI can help with this to determine the path by generating an outline of steps.

We all want to achieve good things in life.  At work, the path is straightforward as tasks have been outlined for you.

The most important part of your life appears to be a blank page.  This is where you start filling it in with different experiences to create some sort of path forward.

You have to be more deliberate in your approach in this area, similar to tasks at work.  I believe technology can prohibit progress in achieving personal goals, feeling that you need to participate in every article, comment, picture, etc. on the internet.

Pretty soon, you will feel more like the ball in a pinball machine instead of the flipper controlling where your life is going.

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