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Do you have indoor plumbing?

If you do, you will probably ask yourself one of these questions at various points in your life:

  • Why isn’t there any water coming out of my faucet?
  • Why don’t I have any hot water?
  • Why is my water discolored?
  • Why is the water not draining in my sink/tub?
  • Where is that water coming from?

Having a basic understanding of plumbing is essential for living indoors.  Knowing how it enters your dwelling and all the various connections that it makes is helpful when a diagnosis is needed.

Sometimes even more important is where does all the used water go, especially when it is not going anywhere.  Most of the sanitary pipes are connected in some way.  The problem could appear to be the sink when in fact it is a much bigger problem like the main line out of the house that is clogged.

There is a whole other facet to this if you have a sewer ejector pump or sump pump.  Having a failure in one of these raises the excitement level in your home to something akin to the fourth of July.

This is why I would recommend replacing all the plumbing in your house if it was built prior to 1970.  Or have a second dwelling so you have somewhere to go when a plumbing problem comes up.  Or go to plumbing school which could then transition into a new career for you.

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