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Did you win the race?

The race appears to be to the red light that we both see before us.  It was probably a race that you didn’t even know you were a part of.

But wait, there is more.  This is the same person that was behind you and for some reason felt the need to pass you and get in front of you.

The best part is when they turn right at the intersection in front of you.  In some cases, this involves having to brake to avoid their hijinks.

I’m not sure what provokes this behavior.  Maybe they have some built up road rage.  Or for them, speed limits are more of a suggestion.  Maybe they are a surgeon racing to the hospital to save a patient.

For mental health purposes, I’m going with the last one.  Then there are those moments you’re sitting behind them wondering how they feel about winning the race.

Again, for mental health purposes, I would suggest raising your hands to show a visible applaud while mouthing the words, “well done”.  I like to make the words audible but that’s just a personal preference.

Full disclosure, I have never done that for fear of a complete nut job in front of me.  Then you ask, well how do I process this ridiculous and unsafe behavior.

Just think about the patient they are racing to save and the good they are doing in the world.  For all we know, that could be true.

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