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Did you see the sign?

I know there are a lot of them at times.  Some are purely informational while others are directives (e.g. rules of the road).

That grocery checkout lane clearly states 15 items or fewer.  Maybe you’re going by your grocery list of 10 items but your cart has more than doubled.  Yes, I know all the other lines are long.  Oh, I’m sorry, I just noticed your VIP pass.  Please pull forward so we can get you out of here quickly.

That is not a parking spot.  The sign and yellow lines are pretty clear about that.  Oh, you’re just going to be a few minutes, well why didn’t you say so, go ahead.  All the other legally parked cars are doing the same but I understand.  You shouldn’t have to wait.  Next time, just flash your VIP pass so everyone knows.

The cart return is right there, instead you left the cart two feet from your car.  Yes, your cart was quite full of items.  You must be exhausted.  I understand, just leave it wherever, it should be okay until it rolls into another parked car.  But that’s not your fault, you have a VIP pass.

You are probably wondering how you can get your very own VIP pass.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer.  However, I would suggest when you witness this privileged behavior, ask them how they acquired their VIP pass.

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