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It seems like everyone is obsessed with the like button both giving and receiving likes.  How did we cope before “likes”, drugs and alcohol?

Maybe the “everyone gets a trophy generation” needed something in their next phase of life to support them.  Likes were the answer to this need.

Prior generations just had to white knuckle life, living with undiagnosed anxiety and depression.  Common phrases used were “suck it up” and “walk it off”.

Everyone wants to be recognized for their work with a “good job” or an “attaboy”/”attagirl” which makes sense.  Now it seems everyone needs feedback on every word uttered and picture taken.

When did people get so needy for attention.  I think this happened when they finally had a platform to support them and a microphone from which to be heard.  Thank you, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the continuous list of new platforms.

Just like drugs and alcohol, you continuously need more to maintain your fix.  More likes and feedback are necessary to maintain your emotional state.

I guess what I’m saying is we are swapping one vice for another where neither are necessarily healthy.  We need to find a better coping mechanism (e.g. friends, hobbies, church).

We are missing the awe that is life, with our heads buried in the phone or computer reacting to words or pictures on a page.  Trying a digital detox may help you realize everything that you are really missing.

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