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Did the right woman win?

Transgender men and women are a very controversial topic that has many points of view which I cannot begin to unpack in a single article.  However, transgender women competing in sports seems like a straightforward decision.  I believe they should be able to participate but they shouldn’t be competing against other women if it is towards winning some race, award, metal, etc.

They obviously have an advantage over all the women they are competing against as having been born a man.  I see this similar as taking steroids to win races similar to Lance Armstrong.  Wouldn’t a transgender woman feel guilty winning a race as if they were cheating the system?  I’ve read a number of articles where a trans woman has won a race or title over other women.

I understand they want equal rights as trans women but technically they are not equal on all levels.  I don’t know the answer, possibly having a separate transgender women competition.  It appears in the process of trying to provide equal rights to trans women, all cisgender women lose their rights which took too long to get in the first place.  This is like men infiltrating women’s sports to take rights away from the women who worked so hard to gain those rights.

Maybe the short-term workaround is a simple renaming from women’s sports to cisgender women’s sports or cis women’s sports. I’m just doing a little brainstorming here.

P.S. 6/26/2023 – About a month after writing this post, irony struck as Lance Armstrong Weighed in on Transgender Athletes.

P.P.S. 7/20/2023 – Lance Armstrong Offers Solution to Trans Athlete Debate. The article states, “Armstrong’s solution brings a fresh perspective to the table”. Seriously? Like no one else had that idea? I brought up the same solution in my blog post above.

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