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Did I get the job?

Applying for a job and online dating are almost identical in function and emotion.  As a candidate, you spend a lot of time searching for the perfect job (match) that meets all your requirements.

You have most of the requested requirements and the work looks interesting (they are attractive) based on the description (intelligent, sense of humor).

Your resume (profile) needs to be flawless and match the requirements that are posted.  You update your resume (profile) accordingly and submit it for review.

The HR Manager (potential match) scans your cover letter (message) to verify your interest level (vocabulary, sense of humor).  They review your resume (photos) and after 10-15 seconds they are on to the next candidate.

Unfortunately, there is no notification of where you fell short.  Maybe your skillset was lacking (pictures too grainy and/or distant to gauge attractiveness).

You are left wondering what part of your life needs to be addressed (too many/not enough hobbies)?  I don’t have the necessary skills (poor grammar)?  I’m not a good fit for your organization (not attractive enough)?  We have found another candidate for the position (more attractive than you).

Thank you for considering our company for this position (I just blocked your profile so you cannot contact me in the future).

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