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“Coming Out”?

I remember when “coming out” was a big deal and we all knew what it meant (i.e. Johnny now likes boys, Jane is into girls).  Today it happens with great frequency but “coming out” as what, is the question.  It appears that both gender and sexuality are on a spectrum and for some, this changes on an hourly/daily basis.

I thought dating was hard when you were heterosexual and cisgender.  Yes, cisgender is a new word I learned for identifying as your birth gender.  In an effort to do away with labels, it seems like they are needed even more to understand all these variations of people and how they would even begin to find their mate.

I understand everyone would like to be addressed as how they identify.  There is a certain challenge to this when the male/female lines have now been blurred and things are not as they appear.  This feels like something that happened overnight and we are all supposed to understand and accept it.  Obviously, this has been going on a while but there should be some type of Public Service Announcements (PSA).  This would help explain it to us, as there are some that are easily offended when we don’t get it right the first time.  It is like we are being tested on material that was never provided, in a class we never took.

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