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Do you go the extra mile?

Articles and videos on the internet would lead you to believe the younger generations are against such behavior.  I’m not sure a blanket statement can be made for any generation.  Painting everyone within a generation… Read More »Do you go the extra mile?

Peace be with you?

I think this is something we are all looking for at the end of the day.  Although, you may need to find it at the beginning of your day using mindfulness.  Meditation is part of… Read More »Peace be with you?

Are you average?

I don’t know if anyone wants to be described as average.  I see many parents describe their kids as amazing.  Wasn’t your child putting crayons up their nose and trying to flush their hand down… Read More »Are you average?

Why do you gamble?

Most people wouldn’t even gamble on going to an unknown restaurant without first looking at the reviews and menu.  You wouldn’t gamble on a doctor or dentist without some research. As an entertaining activity for… Read More »Why do you gamble?