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Are you average?

I don’t know if anyone wants to be described as average.  I see many parents describe their kids as amazing.  Wasn’t your child putting crayons up their nose and trying to flush their hand down the toilet last week.

Having average intelligence is quite good, all things considered.  Obviously, we all excel in different areas, otherwise I think the world would stop working.

When describing looks, we all would like to be above average.  Unfortunately, most of us hover around a 5 or 6 and possibly a 7 with the right lighting.  They usually save 9’s and 10’s for the movies, social media, and the new neighbors down the street.  If we remove these outliers, we all just got better looking.

With BMI (Body Mass Indicator) it’s a challenge to be average (i.e. normal) if you live in America.  McDonald’s and Popeyes don’t ask for this number when I order, so I just drive right through with my #3 combo meal and an extra-large side order of fries for “a friend”.  Self-reporting would probably be as effective as when asked your weight.  I put my goal weight on my driver’s license, kind of like a vision board.

Average height is easier to measure, for men it is 5’ 9” and women it is 5’ 3.5”.  This is only a problem if you feel you are too short or too tall for whatever reason.  Usually, you are above average in another area to compensate for this discrepancy.

As a kid, you wanted to be average and blend in with other kids.  Being different made you a target for the class bully.  Now that I think about it, the class bully was kind of an odd character themself.  Maybe the bullied became the bully.

The average is determined by looking at a population of people, each with unique intelligence, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, physical characteristics, skills, experience, and family.  Technically, no one would fall into the category of average given these unique attributes.

To answer the original question, just agree with your parents.  You’re not average, you’re amazing.

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