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Are you addicted?

If you clicked, the headlines (or whatever else is bright and shiny) are working as designed which is how the money keeps flowing.  It is so normal now; most people don’t realize the minutes and hours passing by as they click and scroll through their free time.

Of course, they don’t do this at work because that would be like stealing from the company (i.e. you’re getting paid to do a job).  This would be similar to stealing office supplies but that problem was resolved with working from home.

Whether it is headlines, Google, Facebook, a dating site, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, or the latest app, everyone seems to be searching for something at some point.  Sometimes you go down a rabbit hole and minutes/hours later you are no closer to what you set out to do or find.

With technology, things have become both easier and harder at the same time.  Easier to get answers and get things done but harder to stay focused and on task.

Before technology, the only distractions from getting things done were the normal vices (e.g. food, alcohol, TV).  Now, every time you turn on the computer, it’s like driving through Las Vegas while trying to focus on your destination of California.

This brings to mind the little (task) and big (life) question of “Why am I here?”  Technology can probably help you with both but don’t get distracted too long or you will miss the big one.

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