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Are you a germaphobe?

If not, you must have kids? They say once you have kids a lot of things, like a fear of germs don’t faze you as much.  Well, I don’t have kids so I’m constantly on the lookout for germs.  Obviously, they’re everywhere so I keep pretty busy.

In my opinion, fast-food places have to be the mega center for these microorganisms.  From the door handle, to the tray you carry to the table, there are all kinds of opportunities to pick up the many species of germs.  I was in line once waiting behind a mother and her 2 kids.  I happen to notice both were hanging on to the end of the counter, while one was actually licking the counter.  I didn’t know what to do at that point.  Should I tell the kid not to do that, instruct the mother of the nearest hospital, or dial 911 myself?  I’m pretty sure almost every customer has touched that surface except me.

I figured the trays are safe because they probably put them in one of those high-powered dishwashers like they have in “real” restaurants.  Well, that wake-up call came when I saw the individual assigned to this task, take a semi-wet sponge to the top of a tray and lightly wipe/brush the surface.  They then proceeded to stack this “clean” tray adding the paper liner.  So now each tray was only as clean as the bottom of the next.  Again, not knowing what to do; I had to look away and try and find my happy place.

I figured going to a “real” restaurant should avoid these fast-food germs.  What’s the first thing I see upon entering?  A salad bar…at least I know where all the germs are congregating.  No salad…check.

What about the fancier places where they walk all this different meat around to your table?  How many stops did it make before reaching me?  All of them?  How sick is the sickest person there?  Did any sneezing or heavy breathing occur while the meat was stationary or in motion?  Is the server wearing any kind of face shield/protection?  Are my antibodies/immune system strong enough to fight off all these possible germs?  Do I feel lucky?  What is the cost-benefit analysis of this meal versus the fast-food meal?

Maybe I should just go to the drive-thru next time?

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