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Are you a dog lover?

Almost nothing can match the unconditional love that a dog provides.  They cheer you up after a hard day just by being present.

They provide a regular exercise program by having to walk them multiple times a day.  There is also bending and stretching on the walk to retrieve the various gifts deposited along the way.

It provides a social aspect whether at dog parks or passing others who are also dog lovers.  However, all dogs do not get along and are not afraid to show it.  Unfortunately, some dog owners act similarly.

It’s the dog owners who “miss” their dog’s gifts as they are busy on their phones that give dog owners a bad reputation.  Also, the technique of depositing their gifts in someone else’s garbage container after the garbage was already collected, should be punishable by fine and/or community service.

It appears most dog owners are happy which we could possibly attribute to dog ownership.  There have been studies done showing this which has me researching pets and pet supplies.

Trying to find the perfect mate for me sounds overwhelming, knowing they are going to eventually leave me.  Maybe that’s why I’m still single, I mean pet-free.

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