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Are you a dangerous driver?

If you see yourself in the following sentences, I’m just trying to keep our streets and parking lots safe.  We will start with the latter.  I’ve noticed at times, the smallest cars find it the most challenging to park within the lines, which is a head scratcher.  Regardless of car size, poor parking techniques lead to having to enter on the passenger side only, to get out of the spot.  Having been put in that situation more than once, applying a pinstripe to their car with my key has crossed my mind.  Thinking back to road rage incidents I’ve seen online involving guns, I just keep my key in the ignition and drive away.

Pulling through and parking in diagonal spots, along with going the wrong way in a one-way lane has become the new popular thing to do.  More than once a car has been coming straight at me as I’m attempting to park in a diagonal spot.  I also got the opportunity to play chicken with another driver going the wrong way.  Possibly, the driver is distracted by their cell phone or their general self-importance.  I get it, I’m just a walk/drive on to the movie that is their life.

I’ve noticed at times; some drivers think they are driving a tractor-trailer.  They cut the wheel left, right before they make a right turn like they have a wide berth.  This move is not necessary and potentially dangerous.

Turn signals now appear to be optional and when used are less than helpful.  There are those that apply their brakes and then engage their turn signal which defeats the whole purpose of signaling what you are going to do.  Then there are those that put their signal on a block before they are taking the turn.  This keeps everyone guessing which side street or storefront they are actually going to turn into.  For less experienced drivers, this can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Road rage is a whole topic in and of itself and should be avoided at all cost as now that game is played with guns more often than not.

It appears tinted windows have become more prevalent.  I have found that many times these are the most aggressive drivers.  They act like they are invisible from wrong doing since they can’t be visually identified.  Are these the same people who share their whole life online but yet want to hide in their cars?

Red light running has now become a new sport.  Maybe they try to justify this by all the red lights they have already waited on, so not one more is going to stop them.  These may be the same people who can’t push their cart another twenty feet to the cart corral.  A yellow light doesn’t mean floor it.  It means prepare to stop unless you are within a safe distance to clear the intersection on yellow.

A good day can go bad or worse depending on the impact to other people and vehicles.  You are just a walk/drive on to the movie that is their life where you don’t want to become a main character or better known as the defendant.

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