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Are there too many options?

From laundry detergent to eye drops, every decision now requires more analysis than your 401(k) plan.  There used to be one bottle of eye drops for red, irritated eyes.  Now you have to be a nurse practitioner to know what type of eye issue you have and what caused it.  Then you will be able to pick from what seems like a dozen different drops available.

Similar to new appliances with all their features where you can program them to befriend a neighboring appliance.  Unless it’s my computer and printer trying to work something out, I don’t want my machines talking to each other.  They should just focus on the work in front of them.  Do you like getting interrupted at work when you are trying to finish a big project.

The more options (a.k.a. features, electronics), the more possible points of failure.  When your all-in-one washer/dryer stops washing, it stops drying too.  Maybe at some future point, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will step in to resolve the issue or automatically alert the service company of what is needed.  But for now, there is probably an expensive main control board that needs to be replaced.

Some restaurant menus are the size of school textbooks.  All these options can’t possibly be using fresh ingredients and taste good.  That is one of the first things Robert Irvine does on “Restaurant: Impossible” for failing restaurants is cut down the menu to a manageable list that is good for the customers and the staff.

Picking out furniture and clothes are a daunting task as styles continuously change and sizes of things evolve over time of both you and the item of interest.  Comfort is key but seems elusive when trying to find a new bed or pair of jeans.  You would think with all the options in a mattress store, a new bed could be had in an afternoon after visiting a couple stores.  The key is to go shopping at the very end of the year when mattress sale prices are the cheapest as you will then sleep better.

Maybe that’s why people are taking longer to commit to a mate.  Looking online, it appears there are endless options with new ones being added daily.  That is an illusion as some are there “Just to see who’s out there” whatever that means.  Similar to finding a job, there may appear to be many options but there are only a few for which you are qualified.

Life has become an overwhelming store shelf of options where before you had to ask the clerk if there were any more items in the back.  You need to have your life list (e.g. goals, priorities) in front of you at all times to prevent getting distracted by bright and shiny objects all around us (e.g. new Netflix show, one more internet article on “whatever topic you were just reading about”).

Possibly, what you need is an Apple Watch with all its features to keep you on track or to at least notify you of the time that has passed.

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